July 13, 2017

Maryland YCA President To Address State's Elementary School PE Teachers In October

Maryalnd Youth Cricket President jamie Harrison has been invited to address a gathering of Maryland elementary school Physical Education teachers on October 20 at the state's annual convention. 

Harrison's presentation is entitled "Cricket - A Team Sport For All Sorts" and will introduce the game of cricket, explain the skill development aspects and benefits to students, and also to make teachers aware that Maryland Youth Cricket offers free cricket equipment and instruction to schools who wish to incorporate cricket into their curriculum.

Cricket, the world's second-most popular sport, is unique in that it is a game that is as much cerebral as it is physical. As a sport that rewards ingenuity, creativity and patience, cricket activates students who may have felt left behind by other sports. During Harrison's presentation, the PE teachers will learn how cricket is being used in schools across the state to help get children off the couch - and onto the playing field.

This will be Harrison's third appearance at a state Physical Education convention, having previous spoke in Maryland in 2010 and in Virginia in 2011 as president of USYCA.

Jamie Harrison speaking in Virginia in 2011