August 07, 2017

Maryland Coaches Help To Develop New USA Entry-Level Youth Program

Last week, Roy Fernando of Bowie and Jamie Harrison of LFYAA spent three days in Florida working with the ICC Americas and Cricket Australia. They were part of a group that is developing a new USA youth entry-level program (ELP), similar in design and purpose to the MILO In2Cricket program in Australia, with the puropse of introducing cricket to younger American children. 


Part of the work was done in meetings, where the framework of the progarm was laid out. But a considerable amount of time was spent outdoors learning various skill drills, and then putting them to the test with children during a clinic at the Broward County Boys And Girls Club.


After the clinic, the members of the working group assembled for a debriefing session where the children's engagement levels and reactions to each drill was analyzed. Based on what the group had learned, the new ELP began to be fleshed out, with key agreements being reach on core issues regarding content and delivery.


Now that the field work is done, the program will be refined, packaged and readied for distribution.

The USA ELP is projected to be rolled out in March 2018.