November 20, 2017

Kenilworth ES and Bowie Boys and Girls Club Team Up To Build Youth Cricket Pitch

Third Youth Cricket Pitch Built In Bowie

Kenilworth Elementary School has been participating in the BEST Cricket League since the start of the league in 2014. Back then there were only six players interested in playing cricket, so a combined team was formed with players from Yorktown Elementary School. The team was affectionately called "Keniltown" by parents and players. As word spread on how much fun cricket is, Kenilworth had its own team in 2015 and made it to the Silver Division Championship Game. In November 2015, the Kenilworth Cricket program was featured on CTV:

With dedication from parents and players and support from the school’s administration and PTA, the Kenilworth Cricket Team won the Gold Division Championship Game in 2016. This was a special moment for the school and everyone involved. The years of hard work paid off.

As many of the experienced players graduated to middle school, Kenilworth needed to rebuild its cricket team in 2017. The roster was quickly filled with younger players, who wanted represent their school and have fun playing cricket. Even though the team was relatively young, they made it again to the Silver Division championship game. This was an extremely close match that could have gone either way. Kenilworth ended up losing to Cora Rice Elementary School from Landover.

Cricket is now a fixture at Kenilworth. The principal, Mrs Kristie Clark, and PTA wanted to have their own cricket pitch at the school. The 2017 PTA president, Mrs Monsio Joof, has been involved with the cricket program from the start. Her three children (Toni, Michael, and Laila) have all enjoyed playing cricket for the school team. Over the years, the Kenilworth team and teams from other schools would practice and have matches on the blacktop (outdoor basketball courts) at Kenilworth. During the past four years, the large grass field at the school was used very little for any sport.

Kenilworth teamed up with the Bowie Boys and Girls Club (BBGC) to build a cricket pitch, which is a concrete slab 79' x 11' covered with artificial turf. The construction started in August 2017 and was completed in October 2017 due to weather delays. The total cost of the pitch was $6,500. The Kenilworth PTA held a fundraiser and contributed $2,500 towards the cricket pitch. The BBGC Cricket Program paid remaining balance.

Now this under-utilized school field will be heavily used by kids for cricket. The Kenilworth students can’t wait to play cricket on the new field. In spring, the Kenilworth Cricket Field will be used every single day for cricket practices and matches. During the week, the Kenilworth ES, Tulip Grove ES, and Benjamin Tasker MS cricket teams will be playing there during the school leagues. The BBGC selects the best players from the school program to play for its travel teams. On weekends, the BBGC travel cricket teams will have practices and matches at Kenilworth. Over the summer, the BBGC travel teams and the BBGC Summer program will have practices and matches during the week and on weekends. In the fall, the BBGC travel teams will practice there on weekends and have a friendly game or two.

Over the past four years, the BBGC has built three cricket pitches at elementary schools in Bowie all within 5 miles of each other. The other two pitches are at Rockledge and Whitehall. Next month, the BBGC is planning to build a fourth cricket pitch in Columbia, Maryland, since its school cricket program and travel cricket program are rapidly expanding in Howard County. 

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