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Maryland Cricket Scorers Association

The Maryland Youth Cricket Association supports the development of a professional class of cricket scorers in the state through the Maryland Cricket Scorers Association (MCSA).

The goal of the MCSA is to recruit, train and develop those who wish to be involved with cricket in Maryland as an official scorer. Being a cricket scorer is a fun way to be involved in the game, and to support its growth, as scorers are always in demand, and as more children and adults play, more matches get scheduled, and then more scorers are needed! It is essential that scorers receive the best training possible to record and transmit what will become the permanent archive of the match. 

The MCSA will:
- Assist with initial and ongoing training, both in paper and digital formats
- Certify scorers based on match experience
- Bring scorers together to share experiences, ask questions and learn from each other
- Create a place where scorers can market themselves as professionals
- Share news, best practices and information from the world of cricket that is pertinent to scorers
- Connect scorers with professional development opportunities
- Connect new scorers with mentors who can assist in their development
- Make recommendations to cricket bodies when scorers are sought

No experinece necessary, but if you are an experienced scorer, we're especially interested in you!

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